Benefits of Storing your RV at a Facility

Do you have an RV or plan on purchasing one in the future?  Have you thought about where to keep it while not being used?  There are many factors to consider when storing your recreational vehicle.  Many people simply do not have the garage or driveway space available, while others worry more about the safety of their vehicle.  Here are several reasons to consider storing your RV at an RV storage facility.

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Preventing theft

Storage facilities are designed to keep your vehicle safe, as most of the time they have fences and a security system.  These facilities often provide more protection than the average driveway.  Many RV storage locations are monitored 24 hours a day.  If you store at home, security is entirely up to you.  At a storage facility, you get electronic passcode entry, security cameras, locked fences, individual security unit alarms, and even on-site staff to keep an eye on things while you’re away.  Other perks besides security are sometimes washing stations, water for filling your tanks and a place to dump waste.

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You don’t have space at home

Storing an RV at home can be tricky. Unless you have a very large garage, driveway or ample yard space, you might be restricted in your options.  A driveway is not the most convenient place to store your vehicle, however.  If your driveway connects to your garage, the RV will likely have to be moved out of the way to get anything in or out.  Many RVs won’t fit into a regular sized garage, and even then there is less space to keep other vehicles, or equipment often kept there.   Some people do not have the option of parking their RV on the street.   According to your local laws, you may be prevented from parking on the street.  Homeowners Associations and city ordinances can affect where you are allowed to keep your vehicle.  It’s possible you will not be allowed to keep it on the road or even next to your home.  You could park your vehicle in your backyard, but this takes space away from anything else you want to do in your yard, assuming you have the space to keep it there.  While it may be convenient in some ways, storing your RV at home may be at times very inconvenient.

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Lots of options

No matter what size your recreational vehicle is, there is definitely a storage facility that can accommodate.  Outdoor facilities store your RV in an outdoor uncovered parking space with a security system.  This way there is no worrying whether or not your RV will fit into a storage unit.  This option is usually the most affordable.  Some facilities, however, do offer indoor options if that is what you prefer.  Although, normally this option can be a bit more expensive.

You may only want to rent a space for certain times of the year when you aren’t using your vehicle.  There are plenty of RV storage locations that offer month to month leases so you can take your RV for long trips or if you decide you no longer need to store your RV at a facility.

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Agua Dulce Storage | 11715 Davenport Road Agua Dulce, California 91390 United States

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