13 Tips for Keeping Your Travel Trailer in Storage

Road trips and adventures are all fun with your family and friends in your travel trailer. Trailers are a long-term investment that can give you lasting memories with your loved ones.

That’s why maintenance and care for your travel trailer is of the utmost importance, even when not in use. One way to care for your trailer is to properly store it during the off-months and the times when you’re simply not using it.

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Travel trailers come in all styles and sizes which can sometimes make it a challenge to find enough parking space to store it. Good thing there are specialized parking storage facilities where you can park your trailer, keep it safe and protected, and easily have access to it when you’re ready to go on your next big adventure. 

Keeping your travel trailer at a storage facility frees up driveway space at your home and can provide a larger parking space than you may have available at home.

When planning to store your trailer – especially long-term – you need to prepare it well for storage to keep it in good working condition all year round. 

Here are some tips to protect and care for your travel trailer while in storage.

Trailers parked outside

1. Choose the Right Storage Facility

Travel trailers come in all shapes and sizes. When looking for a storage facility to best store and protect your investment, make sure to look for a facility that can accommodate your trailer’s length and width.

Don’t forget to take the tongue into account when searching for a parking storage space of adequate length.

Security is another necessary thing to keep in mind. Does the storage facility you’re considering have secure, individually coded gate access and a reliable surveillance system?

a girl cleaning the roof of a trailer

2. Wash and Clean

To prepare your trailer for storage, you need to wash it thoroughly. You can check your travel trailer manual to know which type of cleaners you can and cannot use on your trailer. 

Start by cleaning the roof first and then the sides. The front and the back of your trailer are the dirtiest so be sure to clean them thoroughly.

Make sure to dry your travel trailer completely after washing it. 

3. Wax Your Trailer

Wax your travel trailer after washing to give the paint an extra layer of protection from the elements.

Waxing can help prevent damage from the sun and also keeps dirt from building up. Putting on wax before storage also makes cleaning the trailer easier when you use it again. 

color orange tarpaulin

4. Cover Your Trailer

It’s important to cover your travel trailer for extra protection. Invest in a good cover, constructed of a breathable tarp material to make sure it doesn’t trap moisture.

This helps to avoid rusting and corrosion on your trailer parts. 

A cover also helps keep the sun’s harsh rays off your trailer and protects it from UV damage which, over time, can cause the paint to crack and peel.

Clean and dry your trailer completely before covering it for storage. 

trailer tires

5. Cover and Clean Your Tires

Tires need extra maintenance and care, and you’ll also want to wash them thoroughly before putting your travel trailer in storage. Wash tires with water and soap and let them dry.

Consider getting a tire cover to preserve the rubber longer by protecting them from direct sunlight and any ground moisture. 

trailer tires

6. Keep Pressure off Your Tires

Inflate the tires before storage and use jacks or blocks on your tires to help ease some of the weight and pressure of the whole trailer.

But if that is not an option, you can move your tires every once in a while to avoid flat spotting. This is important especially if you’re planning to keep your trailer in storage for a long period of time. 

dining area inside a trailer

7. Remove Food and Perishables

Take out all the food items from your travel trailer. You can leave your canned goods inside but make sure they have a long shelf life and aren’t going to expire soon. 

Remove all perishables from the bathroom as well like toothpaste, lotions, medicine or any items that are near their expiration date as these can deteriorate, which can attract rodents and insects.

Clean all these items out of your travel trailer to avoid infestations.

8. Clean the Inside of Your Trailer

Remove any valuables that may be inside your travel trailer.

Check and clean your refrigerator and cupboards, making sure there are no food crumbs left. Empty, clean and defrost your refrigerator. 

Open the refrigerator door slightly to allow the air to circulate and to avoid molds forming.

This also helps to avoid odor. You don’t want to get greeted by a foul smell when you finally get to use your trailer again. 

Leave the cupboards and drawers slightly open as well. Vacuum and wash the inside of your trailer.

Keep the doors and windows well-sealed.

These are all tips to prevent moisture inside your trailer, which can damage the interior, as well as to avoid dirt buildup. 

cleaning the tailer using a moisture-absorbent cloth

9. Use Moisture-Absorbent Material Inside Your Trailer

When keeping your travel trailer in storage, you’ll want to reduce any moisture that can form inside the trailer.

Put moisture-absorbent packets in storage areas inside your trailer, such as drawers and cupboard. 

You can use silica gel and leave small amounts in the trailer to avoid mold buildup.

Some molds can be dangerous when inhaled and are hard to eliminate so you need to prevent any moisture inside as much as possible.

10. Proof for Pests

Pests inside your trailer can be very irritating. They can nest inside and chew through your trailer parts or wires, potentially causing serious damage. 

What you need to make sure is to check both the exterior and interior of your trailer. Check for holes or any potential entry points.

Also check for gaps in the windows, doors, or your air condition. 

Vents are also an easy access for insects to come in so be sure to close them all tightly and put put tape on outside the vents.

Common holes inside a travel trailer are usually in the drawers and cabinets, so make sure to seal all cracks and gaps. 

Block these holes by filling them with brass or steel wool. For smaller cracks, use foam installation.

Make sure your trailer is 100% mouse-proof before putting it in storage.

water system of  trailer

11. Drain your Water System

When you’re keeping your travel trailer in storage for the winter, it is essential to drain and clean your water pipes and water tanks.

Freezing water can cause a lot of trouble since it can burst your pipes and can ruin a lot of things in your trailer. 

Add an antifreeze through your entire water system especially when you live in extremely cold places.

Drain all the water and clean out your toilet. 

12. Disconnect the Battery

Charge your travel trailer’s battery and then disconnect it to conserve power. Remove and store in a cool and dry location.

Be sure to check your battery every once in a while to make sure it doesn’t die. Recharge it if necessary.

Disconnect electrical appliances as well and try to remove all appliances and electronics that you can from the trailer.

13. Check up on Your Stored Trailer

Every once in a while, check up on your travel trailer while in storage. Make a quick inspection if possible.

Check that there’s no damage to the exterior, water tanks, or anything else that might need maintenance or repairs. 

Make the most of your investment by going over these tips for keeping your travel trailer in storage. These storage preparation tips will keep your travel trailer in good condition and ready for your next adventure getaway. 

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