Spring Outdoor Adventures: Boat Trips

April Showers, May Flowers. It’s that time when brighter days and the abundance of blooming flowers charm us to outdoor adventures. Day out on the lake, picnics by the lake, and road trips to flower fields can be met with rainy surprises. With chances of light drizzles, sunny days and breezy evenings, enjoy by being safe on your boat trips by preparing for the unexpected weather changes that come during the spring season.

Be Aware of Swift Weather Changes While Out in Your Boat

You want to be careful of boating in any conditions of rain, even on light-drizzles. The weather can change quickly and if caught unprepared it can lead to dangerous situations. This is why the Coast Guard insists boating operators learn to read signs of the weather, paying particular attention to subtle signs. The most important aspect for boaters to watch out for and be aware of is the clouds: how fast are the clouds moving? What shape and color are the clouds? The clouds will give a great indication to boaters if that light drizzle is the doorstep to the storm’s arrival or if it is just spring’s last rainy “hurrah” before retiring in the wake of summer.

Check the Clouds While on Your Boat
Check Clouds During boat trips

While there are many cloud-types, there are 4 in specific that Boaters should be aware of when out in the water.

Cirrus Clouds

cirrus clouds on boat tripsThese are clouds that are extremely high in elevation, reaching up to 42,000 feet. Cirrus Clouds are thin and whispy and appear abnormally far away when viewed from below. Cirrus Clouds may appear harmless in their appearance but be careful of these high clouds, sometimes they appear just before snowfall and rainfall. Their appearance looks thin because they are made of ice crystals rather than water drops in cold temperatures. If they appear against blue skies and the weather reports do not predict any coming storms then you can rest assured that it will be a nice day.

Nimbostratus Clouds

dangerous clouds boat tripsThese are clouds are low clouds that are thick, grey, puffy masses that will rain upon you at any moment if they aren’t doing so now. These clouds are composed of water droplets and appear around 5,000 feet above. Nimbostratus Clouds are the rain clouds we so often see on our rainy days. Use great caution when boating on days where Nimbostratus clouds are in the skies because those clouds are indicators of prolonged rain and storms.

Stratus Clouds

stratus clouds boat tripsStratus Clouds are your light-drizzle clouds. They are low clouds that indicate rain is coming if it is warmer weather and snow is coming if it is cold weather. Its appearance is often described as a dark blanket across the sky. Light rain will precede heavier rainfall so if you are boating and see these clouds forming, be cautious and make your way back to shore, especially if weather reports have issues warnings of rain.

Cumulus Clouds

cumulus clouds and boatsCumulus Clouds are your white, fluffy, friendly clouds that you find against the blue skies on a perfectly sunny day. When you see the Cumulus Clouds out and about, you know your boating experience will be just as relaxing as if it were a clear blue-skies day!

Are the Winds Picking Up?

Being wary of winds is important for boaters. A change in wind direction often means a change in weather is coming so it’s important to be cautious of the clouds in the sky. Stronger winds can carry storm clouds your way so it is important to keep your eyes on the horizon for the edges of clouds. Figure out which way the wind is blowing and if it’s blowing Nimbostratus clouds towards you aggressively, it may be time to head back to shore before the storm arrives. Most wind will travel from west to east as a general rule of thumb. A strong storm can cause winds to travel north or south. These can help boaters be aware of what weather may be coming their way, even if they aren’t out on the waters.

The Birds Will Tell You

sea weather and birdsThe behaviors of the birds will tell boaters a great deal on the weather. If you are out boating and see a great number of seagulls, or any other birds that hunt on the waters, this is good indication that the weather will be nice for the day. Birds will seek shelter in wake of bad weather. If you are boating and you see birds flying towards land, you may want to follow their lead and head back. Birds want feed unless there is danger so if many fish-hunting birds are flying towards shelter then this is an indication that rain is coming your way.

Stay Alert; Weather Can Change Quickly

You want to be careful of boating in any conditions of rain, even light drizzles. The weather can change quickly and if caught unprepared it can lead to dangerous situations. This is why the Coast Guard insists boating operators learn to read signs of the weather, paying particular attention to subtle signs. The most important aspect for boaters to watch out for and be aware of is the clouds: how fast are the clouds moving? What shape and color are the clouds? The clouds will give a great indication to boaters if that light drizzle is the doorstep to the storm’s arrival or if it is just spring’s last rainy “hurrah” before retiring in the wake of summer.

Fish is Delicious, but Not Worth Serious Boat Injury

fishing boat trips near agua dulceFishing in the rain can lead to high payoffs. On days where the clouds are giving light drizzle or moderate rain, the fish tend to be out and about, or at least that is the appearance. Less boating activity means more fish to catch but be careful if you choose to go boating when it is raining. Safety should always come first and use the precautions listed above to keep watch of growing storms. Always be close enough to shore that you can quickly make your way to safety. Wear a lifejacket on rainy days when fishing and wear adhesive shoes on the boat to make sure you don’t slip as you make your way around it. Otherwise, enjoy the catches as you fish on a rainy day.

Visit the Coast Guard information site for more safety tips.

Boat storage in Agua Dulce (Santa Clarita), CA

Agua Dulce Boat Storage - Weather Station Site
Weather Station located at Agua Dulce Storage

Did you know that Agua Dulce has a weather station? It’s now easier to check the winds before heading out to Castaic Lake from our boat and rv storage location. Call us for more information about the weather stations or for parking rent rates: 661-268-0407.

Extra, Extra! Storage Containers Offer Spacious Options When You Don’t Have Room At Home or Business

Let’s face it, we all wish we had extra room. To have less clutter at home, to store extra furniture, or to be more efficient by organizing business equipment to make your living space, well, more livable! Until you renovate, get a bigger home or move into an office space, there is a more affordable option to get that extra storage room without having to relocate!

Storage Container to Store Content of an Apartment or Home

organize clutter in storageDid you know that a 8′ x 21′ storage container can fit the entire contents of a typical two-bedroom apartment or small home? And yes, that includes major appliances such as a washer, dryer, refrigerator and furniture like a mattress and a couch! Depending on the size of your furniture and your packing skills, you may
also fit in an heirloom piece like a grandfather clock or couple of antique chests and cabinets.

A generously-sized space, a 8×21 storage container is ideal for storing needs in-between moves that will require renting a space for a month or longer. It is also a convenient solution for businesses that have out grown their current storage capacity or are home-based requiring a more efficient way to organize and access their business equipment.

Affordable Storage Solutions for Businesses

Considered a practical option, a 8×21 storage container offers a quick and easily accessible option for businesses to store extra supplies, boxes of paperwork, or bulky equipment. From home-based event planners to contractors who service a wide service area, vendors enjoy the convenience of having a centrally located space that is manageable in terms of organizing and rental rates.

Space for Event & Party Supplies
wedding supplies storage

Event vendors have to keep up with the latest fads. Which means their list of supplies is always growing. Inflatable fun like bounce houses, Chiavari Chairs, large circular banquet tables, or centerpiece vases with elaborate fillers to decorate a large venue take up a lot of space but are also the key pieces of a party planners business. A good sized storage unit can be used to categorize and better manage the collection of themed decorations. Expensive and fragile items like the versatile glass vases that are used for so many different events can be securely stored without the risk of damage that often worries the budget-conscious planner working with highly sensitive brides. Additionally, a storage facility near their most frequented venues can cut down a lot of time, energy and stress when things don’t go as planned and a quick backup is needed.

vending machine equipment in storageVending Machine Equipment Storage

Local suppliers such as vending machine equipment providers deal with large, heavy equipment. Unsold machines and extra servicing parts can be stored in a 8 by 21 storage container and moved easier into trucks for delivery from storage facilities that have drive-up access. There is also the added benefit of peace of mind when choosing a storage facility that is equipped with additional security options like 24/7 video surveillance or individual unit alarms and alerts so that your  expensive machines are not easy vandalism targets.

Business File Storage

storage small boxes shelves
Every business has years of records and paperwork that needs to be stored. Even with the expanding need to go paperless, many businesses know how crucial having hard copies of important agreements can be in potential legal proceedings or if their company computers are hacked or infected with a virus. While the need to access these documents is unlikely, if the need does arise, being able to dig up a file in 7 years of storage boxes can become a costly and time consuming task. Storage units are a simple way to place these boxes sorted by year. Businesses can use the space to create a system of discarding older files as they replace them with more recent year documents.

Photo and Video Storage

props studio storage spaceBackdrops, photo booths, set furniture, studio props, lighting equipment and camera stands are all part of the creative workings of a photographer or videographer. For professionals who spend so much time on the road between events or shoots, being able to quickly provide a large selection of options to their clients means a better chance of securing a contract.

Storing Surplus Inventory

Keeping up with demands with on-hand inventory can be daunting, especially with unpredictable customer preferences. Storing additional inventory by stocking up gives owners and managers the leeway to purchase supplies in the off-season (often times at lower prices!) in preparation for their peak season demands.

Storage Containers in Agua Dulce, California          

Getting that extra room at home may not be a practical option. Renting a storage container that fits the content of a small home or large apartment is possible! If looking for a facility centrally located in Santa Clarita, a 8×21 storage container at Agua Dulce Storage is currently renting at approximately $179 per month. To tour all storage unit options and to check on current space availability, rental rates, and promotions, contact an office manager at (661) 268-0407 or visit the storage facility website.

Agua Dulce Storage Containers

Agua Dulce Storage Container Inside

Moving? Self Storage Can Help

by Patrick Galvan featured on Storage.com

Whether you’re moving across town or to another state, relocation can be a time-consuming and strenuous process. Did you know that self storage can help make the process of moving easier, even before the big day?

Here are some tips and tricks to make moving day a more comfortable experience.

Moving Trucks and Packing Supplies

abs1Some storage facilities provide moving services to make relocation easier. Before you hire a moving company to transport all of your belongings to your new home, ask if your storage provider is able to give you use of a moving truck.

Some storage facilities offer a free truck rental with a unit rental. Others offer truck rentals at discounted rates for tenants. Thanks to these perks, renting a storage unit and moving at your own pace can be an affordable alternative to hiring a moving team to haul everything for you on moving day.

If you’re using a storage facility’s moving truck, ask if it comes supplied with moving blankets and straps to protect your furniture during transit. For heavier items, such as furniture and refrigerators, ask your storage operator if they have a dolly or cart to loan you.

You can often find the packing supplies you need at your storage facility, too, including high-quality, sturdy boxes and cushioning materials to better protect your more delicate belongings. Ask your local self storage operator if they can help you out. Some facilities sell packing supplies to clients at a discounted price when you rent from their facility including:

  • Boxes
  • Tape
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Packing Paper

Organize Your Move

imagesA storage unit can help you before, during, and even after your move. Use your storage unit to stockpile your belongings between homes, give yourself extra time and space for cleaning before moving day, and move your items into your new place at your own pace.

Once you have packed all of your belongings and are ready to move them into storage, keep them organized by room. Divide your boxes into groups according to what room they will eventually go in. Label and color-code each box, so all your kitchen supplies will be categorized in one group, and so on. Store your items in room groupings for a quick and organized move.

Also, rent a storage unit with drive-up access to make the process of unloading your truck or other vehicles faster and easier.

Lighten the Load on Moving Day

Self storage can give you a jump on moving your belongings out so you have more time to clean your old place. This is especially helpful if you have to move out by a set day and time. Rent a storage unit a couple of weeks ahead of your move-out date and start to transfer your possessions to your storage unit on your own timeline.

As you transfer everything to your storage unit ahead of moving day, you will have the time and space to clean your former home and other last-minute details. In fact, this approach is very helpful if you plan to show your home or apartment to prospective buyers or renters before your move-out date. Moving non-essential items into storage will get you one step closer to both moving out and selling or renting your old place.

Self storage can be a great resource during the process of moving, including before the move, moving day, and even after the move, as you get settled in your new place. Find a storage facility near you and ask your storage operator what they can do to make relocation easier for you.

Renting a storage unit is easy! Search for available units in your area and reserve one online in minutes.